beneficios de pureti españa

Use Light to Clean Air and Buildings

Transform Almost Any Surface into a Self-Cleaning Air Purifier to Save More and Clean Less

Surfaces treated with PURETi prevent the growth of dirt and reverse contamination on the outside.

Inside, PURETi eliminates odours and improves air quality. Buildings and windows stay cleaner. White roofs stay cooler. Indoor air is healthier and odourless.

A long-lasting application saves time, money, water, chemicals and energy.



Pollution Control

PURETi treated roads and buildings eat smog and reverse pollution by reducing criteria pollutants like NOx and PM 2.5. As powerful as planting trees.


Sun washing with PURETi reduces pressure washing time and cost.


Odor Elimination

PURETi-treated windows, curtains and lighting fixtures provide a powerful odor-eliminating benefit and provide a lasting sense of freshness.

IAQ Improvement

PURETi breaks down VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and dust (organic particles) to help improve respiratory health.



Achieve environmental gains from air purification, water savings, and heat mitigation.


Cost Savings

PURETi is a low-cost capital investment, offering years and years of operational savings from reduced washing and preservation of facilities.