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Roads can be part of the air pollution solution

Reduce, reuse, recycle…Reverse!

Much attention has been paid to reducing auto emissions, but a world of zero emissions is far in the future. Photocatalytic titania is a proven solution to NOx, SOx, and ground level ozone problems we face today.

PURETi makes this technology cost-effective and easy to apply. PURETi can be sprayed on any road surface: concrete, asphalt, barriers, and sound walls. The total amount of pollution reversal depends on a variety of environmental conditions, but in laboratory settings we have seen PURETi treated surfaces reduce 75% of the NOx passing over them.

Researchers at Louisiana State University tested PURETi on asphalt and concluded that “PURETi’s results in reducing NOx are very impressive. It holds great potential to make a real difference in pollution reduction.

"Sustainable cities of the future must incorporate this technology to mitigate the harm caused by auto and industrial emissions."