Standard product of a mixture of inorganic mineral oxides (M.O.M.) with a reduction in volatile organic pollutants of between 30% and 70%, depending on the material on which it is applied.

PURETi Coat 4.0 is the synergistic mixture of inorganic mineral oxides stabilized in different forms.

It is applied by electrostatic application to form a homogeneous nanomesh.

The higher electronic vibrational power of these nanoparticles is the cause of the higher photocatalytic activity and therefore a higher abatement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). PURETi Coat 4.0 is able to form a nanonetwork due to the breakage of the encapsulated nanoparticles which are stabilised in water.

PURETi Coat 4.0 has a large database thanks to more than 60 NOx and VOC abatement certifications from the Fraunhofer IST institute. It also has numerous certifications on antibacterial and antiviral activity from the microbiological institute AINIA.


Oxidises and decomposes suspended organic particles, volatile organic pollutants such as VOCs and NOx.

Provides continuous disinfection of viruses and bacteria.

It makes a surface self-cleaning when the treated surface is activated by daylight, creating a hydrophilic surface that removes all organic matter (dirt) continuously.