Ventanas aplicaciones edificios comerciales pureti

Reduce the Cost of Window washing

A true advance in self-cleaning glass.

People have been talking for years about self-cleaning glass. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as well as many hoped, it was only available on new glass, and it was insanely expensive.

PURETI address all three of these issues. PURETi Clear can be spray applied to any clean glass – in the factory or on existing structures. It dries to form a clear, invisible, nano-thin film that is durably bonded to the glass. PURETi is more photocatalytic, meaning in produces more cleaning power, than the leading products. And it costs less.

There are many benefits to putting PURETi on glass. Organic pollutants that would normally stick like glue to the glass – microparticles of rubber, soot from factories, exhaust from cars – are oxidized on contact. Rain or a light rinsing cleans any remaining dirt from the surface. Save labor and energy costs by reducing your window washing regimen. And every square foot of glass you treat contributes to your sustainability goals by breaking down air pollution, too.