Logo productos pureti VITAL OXIDE-05

Hospital grade disinfectant, ELIMINATES 99.999% of BACTERIA, VIRUSES, MOULD, FUNGI and BAD ODORS. Registered in Spain as a bactericide/biocide.

Vital Oxide is a disinfectant intended for various areas of use such as: hospitals, homes, vehicles, schools, day care centers, locker rooms, restaurants, boats, farms, sanitization of premises, etc.

For disinfecting solid, non-porous, previously cleaned surfaces, such as glass, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, sealed cement floors, etc. Use as a mold and mold eliminator on solid or porous surfaces, such as fabrics. Vital Oxide does not mask odors, it eliminates them.


Removes viruses on surfaces previously contaminated with body fluids.

Sanitizes food contact surfaces.

Eliminates odors caused by smoke, stale, food and urine among others.

Removes and prevents mold or mildew on floors, walls, ceilings or fabrics.