fachadas aplicaciones edificios comerciales pureti


Reduce the frequency and intensity of pressure washing.

The leading ingredients in building grime are:

1. Micro-particles of tire rubber (organic)

2. Soot from the exhaust of cars and factories (organic)

3. Silicates (inorganic sand and soil)

4. In some climates, black mold (organic)

High pressure water is required to clean most outside surfaces because the organic contaminants form glue-like bonds that are very hard to break.

PURETi oxidizes (breaks down) the organic particles at the molecular level before they can stick to the surface.

PURETi does not break down sand, but sand is easily rinsed because there is no "glue" to hold it in place.

Stop power washing and start “Sun Washing” with PURETi.

A sustainable fringe benefit: In addition to lower costs and improving facility appearance, PURETi treated surfaces also help the environment by reversing air pollution. Every square foot of PURETi treated surface works to break down pollutants in the air, including NOx. Making an office complex NOx Neutral is now a possibility. If sufficient amount of surface is treated, it will reverse one polluting impact not only of the building, but of the cars the occupants drove to work that day.