Mantenimiento de instalaciones industrias pureti españa

Save time, energy, and money by improving the efficiency of your facility maintenance program

PURETi treated glass, facades, roofs, solar panels, and hardscape all stay cleaner, longer.

The leading ingredients in building grime are:

  • Micro-particles of tire rubber (organic)
  • Soot from the exhaust of cars and factories (organic)
  • Silicates (inorganic sand and soil)
  • In some climates, black mold (organic)

High pressure water is required to clean most exterior surfaces because organic contaminants form glue-like bonds that are very difficult to break. PURETi oxidizes (decomposes) organic particles at the molecular level before they can adhere to the surface.

PURETi does not break down sand, but sand is easily rinsed because there is no "glue" to hold it in place.

Therefore, stop the pressure washing and start "washing the sun" with PURETi. Apply PURETi to external surfaces that need to be kept clean for the following benefits:

Hard ROI
  • Reduced frequency and intensity of pressure washing
  • Window cleaning can be done half as often, and with half the effort
  • Solar panel output and solar reflectance can be increased

Soft ROI
  • Measurable contribution to corporate sustainability goals
  • Brand Enhancement - buildings look great between cleanings
  • LEED points for innovation
  • Community Stewardship