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Clean, Fresh, Odor-free Guest Rooms

PURETi helps hoteliers meet their dual goals of guest satisfaction and sustainability.

Keeping hotel rooms with a fresh smell is a constant challenge. Smoke odors, food odors, human odors and mold can ruin the positive first impression when guests enter your room. Aerosols only provide temporary relief, and some guests are sensitive to perfumes.

PURETi is a powerful, safe, sustained-action application that breaks down airborne particles including VOCs.

We offer two different and cost-effective solutions for hotel owners who want to provide their guests with the cleanest possible air.

Professional application

A trained PURETi technician provides comprehensive treatment. The first step is a complete disinfection of the room using a safe disinfectant mist. The second step is the professional application of PURETi Clear on windows, curtains and interior lamps, wherever it is illuminated. As air circulates, odor molecules come in contact with PURETi-treated surfaces and oxidize instantly. It is guaranteed that a treatment will last at least three years.

Pump spray application for your cleaning personnel

We also sell a version of our product called PURETi Clean & Fresh that does not require professional spraying equipment. A simple fine mist bottle is all you need. PURETi Clean & Fresh destroys odors like our Clear product, but it is not as durable. Use it during your regular deep cleaning cycles to add photocatalytic air purification capability to your windows, curtains and lamps. Your guests will notice the difference.