PURETi Techgrass ™


PURETi TechGrass™

Prevents the growth of fungi, algae and mold, a common problem on generic artificial grass.

PURETi TechGrass was developed in close collaboration with SPORTS & LEISURE GROUP NV, a worldwide market leading artificial turf manufacturing company based in Belgium. During the production process, PURETi TechGrass is integrated into the artificial grass thanks to an ultramodern cutting-edge application method.

A través de esta asociación exclusiva a nivel mundial, el césped artificial de SPORTS & LEISURE GROUP NV, impulsado por PURETi TechGrassis now able to reduce NOX by 70%. Research proves that 1m² of neutralizes NOX 188 kg per year, which corresponds to the NOX production of a Euro 5 car that runs 20 km a day for a year.

The air purifying effect of 1m² artificial grass powered by PURETi TechGrass también es comparable con el de un árbol maduro hacia la degradación de NOX y VOC. En consecuencia, un campo de fútbol de césped artificial de 8.000 m² instalado por SPORTS & LEISURE GROUP NV, puede considerarse el equivalente a 8.000 árboles maduros, lo que corresponde a un bosque de aproximadamente 20 hectáreas.

This groundbreaking innovation improves air quality and reduces the health problems of both players and the environment. In addition to the air-purifying effect, it has also has a strong antibacterial effect that kills all bacteria such as E.Coli / Staphylococcus aureus and reduces bad odors. Last but not least, artificial grass powered by PURETi TechGrass prevents the growth of fungi, algae and mold, a common problem on generic artificial grass.

SPORTS & LEISURE GROUP NV, desarrolla, fabrica y comercializa su césped artificial a través de una estrategia multimarca:

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