edificios comerciales aplicaciones pureti

Commercial Buildings offer multiple opportunities to put PURETi to work

Whether the goal is reduced cost, improved appearance, or a commitment to sustainability, PURETi can make a cost-effective contribution.

Lowering the cost of ownership and maintenance is a challenge for everyone from the architect to the facilities maintenance manager. Keeping surfaces clean enhances the appearance and longevity of the building, and reduces the burden on overworked facilities maintenance departments. A single application of PURETi lasts for 5 years or more, lowering costs and enhancing the appearance and value of the property.

Indoors, there is an increasing amount of attention being paid to indoor air quality and its impact on the health and productivity of the workforce. PURETi applied to the interior surface of windows, light fixtures, blinds, and window coverings destroys VOCs and other harmful airborne particulates and reduces odors.

Solar panels can lose 20% or more of their efficiency as they get dirty. PURETi can mitigate de-rating due to soiling and increase energy output. PURETi provides a measurable contribution to corporate sustainability goals. Every square foot of PURETi treated surface works to break down pollutants in the air, including NOx. Making an office complex NOx Neutral is now a possibility. If sufficient amount of surface is treated, it will reverse one polluting impact not only of the building, but of the cars the occupants drove to work that day.