PURETi's products

PURETi produces a variety of photocatalytic products, each specifically formulated to work with specific substrates. Use the chart below to identify your specific need and learn more about each product by selecting that product from the list on the left.


Non photocatalytic product suitable for promoting adhesion on very hydrophobic surfaces of the PURETi range.

Logo productos pureti clear 4-0 centrado

Suitable for very transparent and high gloss crystalline surfaces.

Logo productos PURETI COAT 4-0 centrado

Standard product of a mixture of inorganic mineral oxides (M.O.M.) with a reduction in volatile organic pollutants of between 30% and 70%, depending on the material on which it is applied.

Logo productos pureti PURETI COAT 4-0 VL-06 centrado

Mixed product of inorganic mineral oxides (M.O.M.) doped with siver. High photocatalytic activity when exposed to light.

Logo productos pureti road 4-0 centrado

Standard product of a mixture of inorganic mineral oxides (M.O.M.) suitable for asphalt surfaces, due to the high porosity of these surfaces.

Hospital grade disinfectant, ELIMINATES 99.999% of BACTERIA, VIRUSES, MOULD, FUNGI and BAD ODORS. Registered in Spain as a bactericide/biocide.


Window cleaner and air purifier in one product.


A highly photocatalytic top coat for any opaque surface. Applied to the top of the Base.


Prevents the growth of fungi, algae and mold, a common problem on generic artificial grass.