PURETi Clear ™

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PURETi Clear ™

PURETi Clear™ is a water-based surface treatment that allows effective cleaning of glass surfaces, which removes the accumulation of dirt and biofilm, in a sustainable and ecological way. The advanced photocatalytic activity of PURETi Clear™ forms a super-hydrophilic surface that allows a perfect cleaning of the glass surface, without causing any visual distortion or turbidity. A patented application in aqueous solution of PURETi Clear™, offers advantages of self-cleaning and environmental for years.

Its innovative patented technology (UV-PCO) has been developed in a challenge dictated by our customers to create a photocatalytic product for self-cleaning glass without causing visual distortion. The result of this challenge is the world's most advanced photocatalytic treatment for glass and transparent surfaces. PURETi Clear™. We will continue to work closely with manufacturers to develop customized green, environmentally friendly and self-cleaning solutions.

Urban pollution from automobiles and airplanes can cause greater accumulation of petroleum-based oils on solar panels. This accumulation of greasy substances makes cleaning extremely difficult and laborious, PURETI Clear™ breaks down organic contamination at a surface level, with the removal of the adhesive base on which inorganic material, such as sand and dirt, can adhere

• 50% reduction in cleaning costs.
• 50% reduction in water costs.
• 50% reduction in energy costs for cleaning.
• Eliminates the need for harmful cleaning chemicals.
• Increase panel performance.


• Reduces the cost of cleaning and maintenance by 50%, also reduces the use of water, energy and chemicals in cleaning.
• Applicable to any glass surface in industry and on construction sites: buildings, windows, solar panels, LED screens and glass windows.
• Creates a super-hydrophilic surface that allows water to remove dirt buildup.
• Easy to use in any environment through a single pass.